The Owens Family

Jason is stationed in Japan and currently deployed for 7 months. Doctors diagnosed Loren with a complicated pregnancy with their 5th child that the military hospital in Japan couldn’t handle. They transported her to Bethesda for her last trimesterto receive care in Maryland. Fortunately, Loren’s mother lives close by so housing wasn’t a problem. But Loren had no van to transport herself and her children during the long 3 months. Helping the Home Front rented a mini-van and paid it in full for the duration of her stay in Maryland. Jason was allowed leave and made it back just in time for the birth!

Thank you so very much CBN and Helping the Home Front for your support & prayers through these past few months. You are forever a part of our story & we are so grateful for the ways you made this journey of ours a bit easier.

The Owens Family
Naval Air Station Atsugi, Japan


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