Helped me come back from a dark place & saved me during a time I needed it

Helping the Home Front is honored to financially support many military organizations with goals to bring help and healing to our military families. Soul Survivor Outdoor is one of them. Recently Founder and Director Rick Wolf let us know how much Soul Survivor Outdoor appreciates Helping the Home Front.

Rick said, “We are so incredibly grateful for the support and prayers of CBN's Helping the Home Front! Because of this amazing partnership, Soul Survivor Outdoor continues to be able to impact the lives of thousands of active duty military service members across the country, both now in the present and for eternity through Christ-centered outdoor adventure."

A soldier stationed at Fort Hood, Texas recently texted to say "Soul Survivor Outdoor helped me come back from a dark place and saved me during a time I needed it. So thank you. I appreciate it more than I could ever express."

"The words from this soldier exemplify the life-changing impact the team at CBN's Helping the Home Front is helping make possible through Soul Survivor Outdoor. Thank you again for your amazing support!" Rick Wolf

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