Help During the Government Shutdown

Many federal employees are struggling to pay their rent & bills Feb 1 given they didn’t receive a paycheck in January due to the partial government shutdown. That includes thousands of Coast Guard members across the country. Helping the Home Front stepped in to fill the gap. For example, Coast Guard members Marko and his wife Marisol have 3 children ages 15, 13 and 5. Marisol is a stay-at-home mom. They rely on Marko’s single salary. Because Mark didn’t get paid for most of January, they were down to little money and food. They needed help with the day to day expenditures of life, gas and food.

They are new in town and had not had time to find a new church home. A local church near their base, River Oak Church, heard about their situation and stepped in. They asked Helping the Home Front for the funds to get this family by. Marko accepted the invitation to attend church, and received a check the next day to pay his bill for February.

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