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The Baily Family

We are tremendously humbled and grateful for the love being shown to our family. It has been a very hard few years. We had been losing hope. CBN and Helping the Home Front has taken a tremendous burden off our plate and I know that we are going to be OK. I feel immeasurably blessed…
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The Shelton Family

We are beyond grateful for all CBN has done for us. Never in my wildest dreams did we think a miracle of this magnitude would be ours. This experience was truly a dream come true. Helping the Home Front is an amazing program. This has given us all the assistance we needed to get back…
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Newlyweds Separated

Sgt. Matthew met Charise while both were serving on a missions trip in the Philippines. The fell in love and got married. Charise's paperwork to move to the U.S. fell right into place. But Matthew didn't have the money to move his new bride to Hawaii where he was currently stationed. 1st Baptist Wahiawa asked…
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